Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 Minutes in Heaven

Click HERE to watch every gay guy's high school reunion fantasy come true in Dennis Hensley's "Reunion," now showing on Logo's "Click List: Best in Short Film."


Scotty said...

That was cute! Loved it! I can totally relate cuz I wanted the high school quarterback/my lab partner SOOOOOO bad! Now he works for a pest control company, gained like 100 pounds and is divorced. But, still a sweet person inside. I only wish the best for him, but I married REALLY well despite. :)

David in Houston said...

That was kind of a silly and implausible fantasy. There is no way a football jock would have been interested in that dorky guy. His hot boyfriend, perhaps. The idea of the '3 way' wasn't my cup of tea. Then to have the wife 'thank them' for sleeping with her husband was way over the top.

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