Monday, April 20, 2009

Misadventures in the (212)

When (212) met (213) So, I ended up having a little unexpected treat on my recent Thursday/Friday "weekend" when I caught up with funnyman Dennis Hensley. If you're not familiar with his work, he's a talented writer and performer who has penned two popular books, produced numerous interesting works on the stage and screen (big and small) and is a bit of a go-to guy for funny lines (sort of like Bruce Vilanch, only 700 pounds lighter and without the Doris Day 'do).
   I'd been told by numerous mutual friends that we should already be best pals by now -- who was I to disagree? I thought he was hilarious as one of Kathy Griffin's "main gays" on the first season of "My Life on the D-List" and I'd refurbished his "Misadventures in the (213)" book title for my blog -- so was thrilled when we finally arranged to meet up. Dennis lives in Los Angeles, but is in town working as a writer for "The Big Gay Sketch Show." After a fun chat over coffee on Thursday (did you know he's also a former Arizonan and Walter Cronkite grad and auditioned to be a dancer on Madonna's Blond Ambition tour?), I ended up asking him to accompany me to the (embarrassingly wonderful) Tori Spelling "Mommywood" book signing my friend Daryl invited me to on Friday. (It's hard to say what I love most: Donna Martin Graduates, "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?," "So NoTORIous" or "Trick" -- oh, OR the fact that she and her mother hate each and Mommie Dearest won't give Tori a dime of the family's billions!)
    A face not even a mother could love As reported, Tori weighs barely 90 pounds (26 of which was hair and makeup) and looked borderline fabulous in a green party dress. Once the paparazzi finally calmed down (you wouldn't believe how retarded they were, screaming for her to look different directions in an area roughly the size of a modest walk-in closet), the "Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" reality show cameras started rolling as the crowd lined up to get their books signed. I couldn't help but wonder what Kathy Griffin might do to Tori if she thought the Poor Little Rich Girl had poached one of her discarded gays, so tried to get Dennis in front of the lens as much as possible.
  Meanwhile, the fans (read: me) seemed way more into her misappropriated hubby, Dean McDermott, who looked on adoringly (trying to impregnate anyone else) and signed autographs and took pictures too. (Thanks for everything, Daryl!)
  Tori's handwriting: borderline "Flowers for Algernon" Later that night Dennis and I both attended a birthday party over at Park for Matthew Kelleher, who had a nice crowd on hand to help celebrate his birthday, then met up with our mutual pal Marc Lallanilla for a nightcap at G. All in all, a good weekend. Look for Dennis -- whose sweet demeanor belies his caustic wit -- and Billy Eichner to shake up Season 3 of the LOGO comedy revue, beginning who-knows-when ...
Boys on the Side: Dennis, Kenneth and Matty


Sam said...

"Borderline Flowers for Algernon."

I'm falling out of my chair, laughing out loud at work! I bow to you.

By the way, I thought that photo of Tori with you is the best she's ever looked.

David in Houston said...

I can't believe how thin Tori is. It doesn't look healthy. Meanwhile, Dean looks adorable. Look at that hair!

John Ayala said...

Dennis needs to be my husband, he just doesn't know this yet!