Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rough Trade Off

I don't want to sound like I'm blaming the victim here because the murder of popular New York radio host George Weber is so heinous it boggles the mind. (No one deserves to be treated this way.) But just as public service announcement to my fellow gay Internet-loving readers (we've all met people online at one time or another), you might want to avoid running ads on Craigslist for young men to come over to your house to "choke" you while engaging in oral sex. You just never know which Satan-loving 16-year-old with a knife fetish (and a girlfriend) -- and a propensity for violence -- might show up. On his MySpace page, the teen wrote, "If you disrespect me then I will fuckin' break your neck." Somehow I guess it wouldn't take much for a 16-year-old "heterosexual" who is being paid 60 bucks for sex with a man to feel, um, "disrespected." Now the real homophobic character assassination begins as the defense claims it was Weber who pulled a knife on the "poor little misguided straight boy" and he was just "fighting back" against the "pervert." Very sad. (Full story HERE.)


Bill said...

John Kate-plus-hate!

Matthew said...

But really, do we think he ever read the kid's MySpace page? He probably never even knew his real name (or age...did his ad specify he wanted someone underage?). So the real lesson is one that is never going to be learnable—strangers can kill you so never have sex with them. That seems to be something that happens every day. A lot.

I do think you can assess your risk factor and looking for S&M is going to be fraught with more danger than looking for vanilla sex.

But it's a shame. I don't blame the guy at all, even if he took risks. I blame the guy who knifed him 50+ times. And I have to wonder...could I ever be a parent of a 16-year-old kid and not realize he has a knife collection and a MySpace page advertising that he loves violence?