Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Music Box: Terry Hall

Considering how I am, it's surprising I've never gotten more obsessive about Terry Hall. His fun hair and acute anhedonia alone make me love him. But then you throw in the fact that he's been a part of some my favorite songs of the last 30 years -- "Ghost Town," "Ain't What You Do," "Really Saying Something," "Our Lips Are Sealed," "Can't Get Enough of You Baby," "Thinking of You" and "Walk Into the Wind" -- you'd think I'd have more than a compilation CD to show for it. Listen to what I mean:

Vegas featuring Siobhan Fahey: "Walk Into the Wind"

Fun Boy Three: "Our Lips Are Sealed"

The Colourfield: "Can't Get Enough of You Baby"

The Specials: "Ghost Town"

Bananarama featuring Fun Boy Three: "Really Saying Something"

And here's an exciting update to my Tom Tom Club post from January. Further supporting my belief that you should never give up on old music finally making it into the digital age, it's been reported that in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Island Records, a two-disc deluxe edition of the Tom Tom Club's debut album is about to be released, with the deluxe-ness being the hitherto unreleased "Close to the Bone" album! Unbelievable news. Can Slow Children be far behind?
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    Writer said...

    I have a similar problem with Terry Hall. I personally think that I can only take his voice in small doses. No matter how wonderful the music may be.

    Sean said...

    I liked his album "Sense" which he made for Dave Stewart's Anxious Label. I believe that was right after the Vegas project. It was a shame that Vegas never took off becuase that is a great album. I also read somewhere that he did another duet with Siobhan for her as of yet unreleased solo CD. He had another album I liked too called "Home".

    lynn said...

    Lervvvved TTC. I had "Close to the Bone" on LP and ran deep grooves in that thang.

    "The Man With The Four Way Hips!" Bestest.

    nojarama said...

    Hurrah on the Tom Tom Club news. I think the Fun Boy Three original take on "Our Lips Are Sealed" is better that the o-Go's (which was very hard for me to write, as I love both versions to death) and "Walk Into The Wind" by Vegas (featuring my favorite Na-Na, Siobhan) is quite possibly one of the most beautiful songs in the entire world!