Friday, February 13, 2009

Buried the Lede

The city is still reeling from the shocking news about a young man who was hit by a car and then scooped up by a passing van and dragged for 20 miles around the city. Horrified motorists desperately tried to signal the driver as he cruised for 50 minutes along the Grand Central Parkway, Van Wyck Expressway and Belt Parkway. At one point, the unwitting driver even pulled over to look under the hood because his vehicle "wasn't handling very well," but still didn't notice the man who was trapped underneath the FRONT END. (HUH???) The whole thing is a tragedy (the victim was hit coming home from celebrating his 26th birthday), but what no one is willing to explain is how anyone can get from Corona, Queens, to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, in less than an hour.

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