Monday, December 01, 2008

'Lifeguard' on Duty

My fellow hairy-chest-loving pal Scott and I were taking a trip down Follicle Memory Lane over the weekend ("North Dallas Forty," anyone?) and both agreed that Kathleen Quinlan's character Wendy wasn't the only one who "came of age" back in 1976 by way of Sam Elliott's Rick Carlson in "Lifeguard."

If you don't know what I'm talking about, this clip will show you everything you need to know, although I opted to buy the RECENTLY RELEASED DVD just to be sure it was as sexy as I remember (hint: it sure is!).


The original trailer 

Classic scene

But if you're more into the smooth type of man, "Story of Shirtless: A Tribute to the Most Shirtless Soap Hunk Ever" might be more your speed. Tim Adams, as Casey the lifeguard from '90s soap "Sunset Beach," has a body that producers do not want to cover up -- and can you blame 'em?


Sam said...

Oh my god, I'll never forget seeing Lifeguard as a budding young homosexual. Sam Elliot was the reason "hunk" was coined.

415LADD said...

I think this movie was on all male homosexuals of a certain age's list of "Yowza!" movies. Damn, that Sam Elliott, he was so fine. In the late 80s, I took a trip with my family to LA, and we went up the coast to Malibu. Stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch and low-and-behold, Sam Elliott was having lunch at the table right next to us. I was in my early 20s then, and it was all I could do not to jump on him right then and there. Even though he did have a ponytail at the time, which is something I usually don't like on men. On him, looked damn fine.

personette said...

i hate to admit i have not yet seen lifeguard. but im SOOO looking forward to it now.

BTW - it's not the hairy chest - its the face.

Jerry said...

it's the hairy chest for me...I never saw Lifeguard, either...but will be sure to pick it up soon...and there is even a young Parker Stevenson in being from the Hardy Boys generation...I was always a little warm on him, too...WOOF!

Anonymous said...

You guys who haven't seen Lifeguard have to get it! Sam Elliot is simply dreamy...AND THAT DEEP VOICE...oh god... ;)

Timmy said...

I remember seeing Lifeguard and falling in lust with Sam Elliott. I could fall asleep and wake up on that hairy chest any day of the week.