Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Music Box: Aztec Camera

Aztec Camera was the smartest pop band to emerge from the '80s new wave scene, with the Scottish boy wonder Roddy Frame its star attraction. "High Land, Hard Rain" (1983) was one of those flawless debuts that almost screamed that the only way from there was down. But with the likes of songs as brilliant as "Oblivious," "Walk Out to Winter," "We Could Send Letters" and "The Boy Wonders," there certainly was plenty of room on the fall to keep making great music for lifetime. Five more Aztec Camera albums (really in name only, as Roddy was the only consistent performer) never failed to have shining moments, from "All I Need Is Everything" on "Knife," "Deep and Wide and Tall" on "Love," "The Crying Scene" on "Stray" (a surprise hit in the homeland), the Ryuichi Sakamoto-infused "Dreamland," and so on, before Roddy decided to officially go "solo" in 1998 with "North Star" (yet another delightful effort). "Surf" in 2002 and "Western Skies" in 2006 were equally enjoyable as loyalists thoroughly enjoyed watching Roddy mature as a writer. Yet looking back 25 years since that stunning debut, nothing (naturally) will ever compare to those Scottish glory days ...

"Oblivious": I hear your footsteps in the street, it won't be long before we meet ...

"Walk Out to Winter": swear I'll be there. Chill will wake you, high and dry, you'll wonder why

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    Martin said...

    Thanks for posting this. I forgotten all about Aztec Camera. I used to love the song "The Crying Scene" back in college.

    Brent said...

    So great. I've a 78 of Aztec Camera covering Van Halen's Jump. Acoustic, slow and thoughtful, Roddy Frame makes the song beautiful.

    Anonymous said...

    If you don't have Aztec Camera's version of "Jump" you're missing out. It's my favorite.

    Anonymous said...

    Great one to dig out of the record collection. Makes me wonder if/when Roddy might be touring.

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