Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Heather Got Her Groove Back

Lifetime's new film "Flirting With 40" is categorized as a romantic comedy, but it sure has all the telltale signs of a science fiction thriller. A freakish-looking lead character in a completely implausible situation -- aka Heather Locklear playing a 39-year-old(!) single mom who gets involved with a hunk played by Robert Buckley who's "13 years younger than" she is. Sure, she's really flirting with 50 and 20 years his senior, but who am I to complain when we get to see the "Lipstick Jungle" boy run around half-naked for two hours? (Watch the trailer below and you'll see what I mean.)


Jerry said...

I know where I'll be on December 6th!! (but you got to have your arm around him!!)

Travis said...


Anonymous said...

He's so bloody hot, and so better than made for TV movie crap.

She, sadly, is not aging well, even with plastic surgery. Stay off the meds and booze, Heather, you're looking puffy.