Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celestial Seasonings

Remember Chad Hardy, that feisty Latter-day Saint who came up with a calendar featuring hot Mormon missionaries and was later excommunicated from the church? (My kind of Mormon!) Well, the good folks over at Brigham Young University sure do. To thank him for his hard work they've yanked his diploma:

A Sept. 30 letter from Norman B. Finlinson, the school’s executive director of student academic and advisement services, said a nonacademic hold was placed on Hardy’s record after the church-owned university learned of the excommunication.

"If in the future you are reinstated as a member of the church in good standing, you are invited to contact my office regarding your possible eligibility for the awarding of a degree," Finlinson wrote.

Hardy, 31, plans to challenge the school’s decision.

“I intend to fight this tooth-and-nail,” he said.

Since Chad's life is fucked anyway, we might as well enjoy what got him barred from the Celestial Kingdom forevermore ...



the mormon church: could it be anymore obnoxious?

this question has been brought to you by a former mormon.

Anonymous said...

Mormons are a sorry group in the sorry collection of sects in the christian cult.

Jerry said...

Those are some red hot Osmonds!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh -I've had many a mormon. I love providing guilt inducing sex.

Jerry said...

Hey! No fair...I want a Mormon!!! How come I only get the Catholic guys???!!! :)

Anonymous said...

If they're missionaries, when do they find the time to go to the gym often enough to have bodies like that?

Once again, another of Christianity's mysteries eludes this humble son of Israel.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea you had to be Mormon to graduate from BYU. Don't they allow non-Mormons to go there? I thought I remember a classmate from high school considering it. He was only going to have to pay extra tuition. Can't remember if he went or not, but think he did come to his senses.

I hope he nails BYU and the Mormon church to the wall on this. It's absolutely disgusting that they would attempt to withhold a degree because he took pictures of people with their shirts off.

I knew they were pretty extreme, but seriously? This is "Jim Jones" weird. Any Mormons out there ... please don't drink the cool-aid.