Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Page 1 Consider (09/24)

  • Tease and Thank You: Here's a little sneak peak at a Polaroid from the shoot my pal Jason Rowan just did of sexy Levi Poulter in Key West, as part of a gay marketing campaign for the island getaway. Stay tuned for the full story.

  • Cracking Up: Congrats to my good friend Keith, whose (now) legendary Crack Is Whackexperience was rated the Buzziest Blog Post of All Time by!!! See all 50 winners here. (I got a rock.)

  • How Ironic: Athletes leave their brains to be studied (NYT)

  • Office Mate: Catching up with B.J. Novak, better known as Ryan on "The Office." (NYT)

  • Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery, But ...: British swimmer Mark Foster does his best David Beckham underwear pose, but sadly comes up short. (OhLaLaMag)

  • Too Little, Too Late: The Federal Bureau of Investigation, under pressure to look at possible criminal activity in the financial markets, is expanding its corporate fraud inquiries in the wake of the tumult in the last 10 days, officials said Tuesday. Even if something happens, it won't do any good. Charlie Keating eventually went to jail and everything, but that didn't put my neighbors' lives back together. (NYT)

    Greg McElhatton said...

    I'd say that Mark Foster certainly didn't come up short, not one bit -- and he didn't need to be airbrushed either!

    Baal said...

    I clicked here to disagree with you about Foster and was surprised I was beat to the punch. I never really got the whole thing with Beckham anyways but this picture I saved.