Monday, August 04, 2008


Even though everybody pictured here is over the age of consent, I still can't help feeling like a quasi-pedophile for a few of them. How can I work my way around this? Since I'm between middle age and senior status can we just call me a 'tween too and let me post these hot pics from last night's Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles without getting Chris Hansen involved?

Pretty Boys Club: Chace Crawford and Zac Effron
All Man: Josh Duhamel and Channing Tatum
Smokin' hot: Josh and some non-hot-guy
Chace and Chad Michael Murray (I wish he would stop being so angry all the time -- it's so hot)

'OMG -- Is that your parents?': Brian Austin Green and Mariah Carey


S said...

Chase and Zac: an eyebrow waxer's wet dream.

Mike said...

When you see Chace and Zac side-by-side like that they remind of twin sisters.