Monday, August 04, 2008

Page 1 Consider (08/04)

  • James at 44: OK, so not only did I break down and order the bootleg "James at 15" DVDs last night, a reader also pointed me to a 2004 interview with Lance Kerwin, who discusses everything from appearing on "Wonder Woman" and "The Bionic Woman" to his Speedo-turn in "Battle of the Network Stars" where Kristy McNichol cleaned his clock. (RetroCrush)
  • No Doggy Bags: Speaking of Skye, those who hope to taste dog meat when they visit Beijing for this summer’s Olympics may be sorely disappointed. The Beijing Catering Trade Association has ordered all designated Olympic restaurants to take dog off the menu. (IrishTimes)

  • Monday Woof! Meet Skye, or as I like to refer to him, the luckiest dog on earth. (Lee Kholafai)
  • Josh's Girl: She was a meth whore in real life, so why wouldn't Fergie be "thrilled" to be playing prostitute in the big-screen adaptation of "Nine"? (AP)
  • DVR Alert: With rumors circulating of the infamous Roxy re-opening, what better time to celebrate the history-making, celebrity-driven New York City hotspot? Logo is debuting the world premiere of "Roxy: The Last Dance" on Saturday, Aug. 16, 2008. The documentary follows the final night blowout in 2007 and the storied history featuring interviews and footage of celebs including Madonna, Cher and Bette Midler. (Logo)

  • Can't Stop the Beatdown: Now here's a pay-per-view I'd shell out 100 bucks for: "Hairspray" star Nikki Blonsky (4-foot-10, 275 lbs.) vs. "America's Next Top Model" reject Bianca Golden (5-11, 90 lbs.). I'm gonna go out on a real limb here and guess that the scuffle that ensued over some seats in an airport lounge had something to do with someone being "disrespected." (NYDN)
  • 4 Phil Collins: I added a video clip of Aimee Mann performing her Oscar-nominated song, "Save Me," to my review for those as Aimee-crazy as I am. (KIT212)

  • Family Affair: Madonna made a rare visit to the Motherland over the weekend (I think I go more frequently than she does and I haven't lived in Michigan since 1979!) to promote her documentary about orphans in Malawai at the Traverse City Film Festival(!). (Lourdes came and so did Madonna's parents.) Naturally, Matt has all the details for you. (BoyCulture)

    Anonymous said...

    I bought the DVDs too over the weekend. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Lee Kholafai owns a rim shop in Alabama--you gotta love it!

    Frank Anthony Polito said...

    I want to borrow those DVDs when you get them... You owe me since I showed you where to find them!

    Or... Maybe we can have a JAMES AT 15 viewing party! Who needs PROJECT RUNWAY?

    PS--Who IS that 6'5" hunk?!

    Anonymous said...

    Battle of the Network Stars - my god I forgot I was living in West LA and drove out to Malibu to see a taping in 78. Your boy Lance was there, but the ones I had my eyes on most of the time was James MacArthur and Bruce Jenner.