Monday, August 04, 2008

Photo Flashback: 1991

Here's a photo taken in Las Vegas of me with my best friend from growing up in Phoenix, Greg Jelinek. Neither of us had ever been to Vegas before, so we hatched a plan for a bunch of college pals to meet there (I was living in Huntington Beach, Calif., at the time so drove my convertible VW there alone while Greg amd John flew there on buddy passes with our friend Paul who was working for America West at the time.) I picked everybody up at the airport then we stayed at the now-destroyed Aladdin smack dab in the middle of the Strip. It didn't take long, however, for us all to realize how much we despised the town. With the exception of some roof-top tennis courts, we were all mortified by the people, the drinking, the chain-smoking and, oh, that other thing everyone does there: gambling! In the end we did drive out to some cool red rock canyon thing (my friend Brad was living there at the time, so tried to show us around despite the INSANE circumstances he was dealing with at the time) and did a little dancing at (the misspelled) club Gipsy. I've tried to avoid going back, but did meet up with my friends Mark and Nina there once or two, plus I went for my brother's wedding and took Michael for his birthday because he was dying to go and had never been before. (God, that's a lot. Make it stop!) Nonetheless, I still smile whenever I look at pictures from this little getaway. It takes me back to a much more carefree time, and reminds me how much I miss hanging out with Greg 24 hours a day. (If you're reading, Greg, congrats again on the new job!)


Anonymous said...

I share your feeling about L.V. especially the strip. I never went there until my brother moved there with his love and married. 10 years later they have a wonderful life and I have a new appreciation for the city but more so for the surrounding areas. They live in Henderson and I either stay with them or nearby in Lake Las Vegas. Jamie

gfunk said...

Cheesch! I've never even seen this photo. I look a bit drowsy. I don't recall that trip being very memorable. In fact, I remember running back from that gay bar to our hotel room depressed out of my mind and about to hurl from all the drinking. This episode was yet another instance of my lack of consideration for others. I just left without letting anyone know. Is it too late to say I'm sorry; that that was a very self-absorbed reaction. Well, anyway thanks for the trip down (the strip) lane regardless of all my self-induced drama. Love G.

Anonymous said...

I live in Vegas and I daily wonder why in the blue hell I'm here. It's the second-hottest desert on Earth (after the Sahara), it's got more strip malls and chain stores than I've ever seen in one place, and it's one of the least educated places around. But you're right: Red Rock Canyon is breathtakingly beautiful.