Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Page 1 Consider (08/20)

  • Hot Down Under: When I blogged about strapping rugby player Sonny Bill Williams leaving his Aussie team for France yesterday, little did I know what a troublemaker the 6-3, 240-lb. hunk of man was. In addition to arrests for driving under the influence and public urination, his sex life rocked Down Under last year when he and Australian model/ironwoman Candice Falzon were caught fucking in a men's room toilet stall at the Clovelly Hotel in Sydney. Such a scene they caused that one patron snapped a cell-phone picture of the glorious moment, which you can see for yourself after the jump.

  • Slumming It: Honestly, Muffy. The riff-raff is taking over Fifth Avenue. (NYT)

  • Peep Show: Brazilian model Edilson Nascimento has something for you to see over here.

  • Wood for You: As painful as it can be in recent years, I still make a point of seeing every one of Woody Allen's movies. (The way I see it, once you make "Play It Again, Sam," "Annie Hall" "Manhattan" and "Broadway Danny Rose," you've kind of earn a lifetime pass from me). And even though every time he makes a new film people call it his "return to form" (when it never is), from the sound of this article, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" might actually be good. (NYT)

  • Prime-Time Shakeup: While I'm absolutely thrilled that the wonderful Rachel Maddow is getting the 9 p.m. timeslot over at MSNBC, I'm bummed that it's at the expense of my fave, Dan Abrams. Maddow was a frequent guest on Dan's various shows over the years, and I really thought they had incredible chemistry. It's a shame they didn't give them a show together. (NYT)

  • RIP: Manny Farber, a painter whose spiky, impassioned film criticism waged war against sacred cows like Orson Welles and elevated American genre-movie directors like Howard Hawks and Sam Fuller to the Hollywood pantheon, died Monday at his home in Leucadia, Calif. He was 91. (NYT)

  • RIP: Jack C. Landau, who used his education as a lawyer in a passionate fight for the legal rights of news reporters at a time when he and others believed they were gravely threatened, died Aug. 9 in Arlington, Va. He was 74. (NYT)


    Mike said...

    So, if you're straight and have sex in a toilet you get your picture in the magazines and no one makes a huge deal out of it. But if your caught in the loo with another man you get crucified. Gotcha.

    The Adventures of... said...

    michael- yep, it's a double standard alright.

    Some will call Candice a ho, but I don't blame her. Who wouldn't want to slut it up with not one but TWO hot pieces? Sonny looks a bonehead, but a HAWT one