Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Page 1 Consider (08/06)

  • XXXtra! XXXtra: It's no secret that Jason Ridge is my favorite porn star (just look at that, uh, face!). Now comes word that here! TV is going to profile him in a new documentary on the adult industry. (Out in Hollywood)

  • At Long Last: The California Senate has approved Harvey Milk Day. (JoeMyGod)

  • I HEART Marat: Former No. 1 Marat Safin continued his slow climb back toward the top of the rankings with a 6-3, 6-4 win over John Isner in the first round of the Countrywide Classic on Tuesday afternoon. (AP)

  • Cash Cow: Oprah Winfrey is still the highest paid televison star. But some of the other big winners might surprise you (the post-W&G Debra Messing?). (Extra)

  • Drama Queen? I've always had a crush on Brett Favre, and with all of his drama lately, I'm beginning to think -- wife or no wife -- I might have a shot at him too. (AFP)

  • We Can't Handle the Truth? So, just why did the government suppress the real numbers on HIV? (Signorile)

  • Paging Mike Reno and Ann Wilson: Almost (gorilla) paradise. (National Geographic)

  • Insult to Injury: How horrible that Morgan Freeman was nearly killed in an auto accidnent over the weekend. Wasn't being seen in a 1997 Nissan Maxima bad enough? (IBT)

  • A Face Only a Not Even Her Mother Could Love: Tori Spelling (with her perpetually unemployed husband) looks scarier than usual in these "dress up" shots. (People)

  • I'll Alert the Media: "People" in Utah are freaked out by a lesbian wedding. (SLT)

  • There Went the Neighborhood: It looks like it was quite a scene at the apartment complex where my mom and dad fell in love -- back in the late '50s! (WP)

  • Heavy Price to Pay: Being gay is fun and all. But is it worth dying for? (Aftenposten)

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    Rick said...

    Actually, perpetually unemployed or not, I think Tori's husband Dean is kinda hot. And his skepticism about her often absurd demands makes me wonder how long the union will last. She might be insanely wealthy and the author of a monstrously awful but popular book, but he's infinitely more interesting as a human being. Watching the show make sly fun of their odd union reminds me that I should call Kathy Griffin. Imagine the comic mileage she could get out of this pair.