Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Calvins and Knobs

All you have to do is look at me to see I'm no fashionista (Michael had to stage a wardrobe intervention on me recently to make me get rid of a bunch of Old Navy T-shirts from 1999). But after attending Freshpair's fabulous National Underwear Day party last night at Espace in Midtown I must say, those people sure know how to party! Hot boys everywhere. Celebrities (and their wannabe counterparts) from wall to wall. And a never-ending supply of top shelf liquor. What's not to like? (Did I mention the hot boys?) And I even made some great new friends. A special thank-you to my No. 1 fashion maven, Mr. Jason Scarlatti of 2(x)ist, for making the night so special.

When the show started, the first song they played was "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of" by the Human League (I was dying!)

Tania's Patty's Little Girl: Lydia Hearst (simply adorable!)
Russell Simmons enjoys the view
Tyson Beckford dares to do what no model ever has before ...
With Suede of "Project Runway"
With Nick Adams of "A Chorus Line" (aka the object of Mario Lopez's bicep envy)
P.S. I even went home with a fab gift bag (like you see on TV) jam-packed with designer undies and the game Operation!

UPDATE: Made in Brazil was also there and has some great pictures here!


Timmy said...

I try not to be jealous of people but let's just say I'm jealous that you were there! :-)

Thanx for providing coverage of the event.

Travis said...

I am so jealous!!!

Jerry said...

Was Suede like totally talking about himself in third person? Suede must be very screwed up in the head...JaY feels bad for Suede. :)

Richard Wall said...

"You are sooo hot". (That's my impersonation of Paris Hilton and should be said in her voice). Richard