Monday, August 18, 2008

Cooling Down

I hate to say that one gigantic schlong ruined it for everyone, but ever since firefighter Michael Biserta "embarrassed" the FDNY last year with his enormous fire hose on full display in that "Guys Gone Wild" video, the department has banned production of its annual fundraising calendar. Instead, this year we have a spinoff that benefits the families of firefighters killed in the line of duty, only it's a faceless collection of men in uniform. (I guess they figure it's harder to dig up unbelievably hot details dirt on people you can't really see.) Now as much as I like the backdraft of a hot body, the face is where it's really at. Anyone wanna back me up on this? (NYDN)


Jerry said...

I will agree that the face makes the picture even hotter...I will NEVER pass up the opportunity to see a hot bod in action...sorry!

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate the photography of this new version, particularly the one with the guy reaching out to grab the victim's hand, however I think they're kind of missing the point of what made the calendars popular.

It looks like a nicely produced calendar, though, and I hope it sells well for them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you need a face to accurately measure the hotness!