Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tabloid Tuesday

Three irresistable photos I spotted in today's New York tabloids:

(212) fave Garrett Neff, the new Calvin Klein model, gets ready for his closeup during a shoot for an upcoming campaign

Alyssa Milano attends the MLB All-Star party, presumably so she can say hi to the three-dozen players she's fucked in the past decade in one fell swoop

And Alex Rodriguez throws us a curve ball by having eyes for a non-blond, non-AARP member woman on the street outside Serefina

UPDATE: Towleroad has the fruits of Garrett's labor:

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Anonymous said...

Alyssa Milano supposedly spent the evening reconnecting with a former one night fling Kevin Connolly. The two were last seen together holding hangs and cuddling in Arizona at the Super Bowl parties. Supposedly, they were thrilled to reconnect at another sports related party and left together for an early morning breakfast at Starlight diner on 34th.