Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Page 1 Consider (07/22)

  • Savage Love: Radio host Michael Savage has come under fire for his cracks about children with autism. If he'd only said the exact same thing about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHA) "sufferers" then he'd have been hero. (NYT)

  • When Dancers Attack: Police in San Diego are investigating how a 37-year-old West Hollywood go-go "boy" who fell overboard a chartered Hornblower cruise during pride festivities was rescued by the police, but then wound up dead at their hands after attacking the very men who saved him. (365Gay)

  • Close to Home: A gay man named Walsh is bashed by the driver of Pottsville, Pa.'s own Yuengling beer. If you know anything about me and my family then you know how sad and ironic this is. Now he needs your help in seeking justice. (Queerty)

  • Family Values: Gee, nothing reinforces gay pride better than having your dad beat you with a baseball bat for attending a parade celebrating your sexuality. (365Gay)

  • Young, Gay and Murdered: Newsweek devotes its cover to examining the life and death of 13-year-old Lawrence "Larry" King. (Newsweek)

  • Government Malfunction: It only took four years, but Bush's Federal Communications Commission has finally dropped its bullshit indecency fine against CBS for the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. Now if they could do something about Janet's lame career trajectory that followed. (AP)

  • Not That There's Anything Wrong With It: But does "Gossip Girl" cutie Chace Crawford know how to do anything that doesn't make him seem really gay? (Trent)

    Anonymous said...

    I'm so glad Aflac decided to pull their sponsorship after this event and not before all of the other caustic and evil things this douche continues to say.

    Anonymous said...

    The gay bashing story is horrible -- but if you read Walsh's own blog, he confirms that the driver wasn't an employee of Yeungling, but of an independent beverage distributor. Under these circumstances, it's probably questionable to target Yeungling for this driver's actions.