Friday, July 11, 2008

Page 1 Consider (07/11)

  • Foul Ball: My baseball-free pal Matt didn't care too much for the Sean Hayes/Jane Krakowski/Cheyenne Jackson revival of "Damn Yankees." But when you have an Edith Prickley sighting and a chance to take a photo like this, what's not to like? (BoyCulture)

  • Goodbye 1913, Hello 2008: Massachusetts may open the door for nonresident gays and lesbians to get married there. (365Gay)

  • This WeHoLife: "In the Moment," the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center's online soap opera/HIV prevention program, gets a nice writeup in the L.A. Times. (Story)

  • Grand Old Party! Is Alabama's gay-hating attorney general, Troy King, about to resign because his wife caught him in bed with a male aide? (I think we all know the answer to that question!) (Towleroad)

  • Hopelessly Over You: I'm guessing the just-married Olivia Newton-John's not expecting her lost boyfriend to come back anytime soon. (DailyTelegraph)

  • Love TKO: Christie Brinkley and her philandering, Webcam jerking offing, porn-loving ex-model hubby, Peter Cook, have settled their messy divorce. The winner? The tabloids, of course. (DailyIntel)

  • Hung Jury? The trial of two men accused of killing a gay porn producer they saw as a competitor could last for several months and contain lurid details of how the seamy underbelly of gay life operates. (365Gay)

  • Stiffy for Stiffs: I knew teens were hard up for sex, but this is ridiculous. (AP)

  • Who's Your Daddy? Must we deal with this faceless retard to get to look at Casey Aldridge? Sure he's a pipe layer who's too stupid to wear a rubber when screwing jailbait (huh-huh, pipe layer). But look how cute he is with his fresh Supercuts 'do he got, just for the tabloids! (Trent)

  • Strong Black Man: Jesse Jackson wants to cut Barack Obama's nuts out? I'm guessing that's the same thing Jackson's wife was thinking about the "reverend" when she found out about his bastard children and various mistresses over the years. (NYDN)

  • Dead Marriage Society: Uma Thurman's engaged and Ethan Hawke just got married again. (ET)

  • Cautious Lip: Blondie, busy on the road celebrating the 30th anniversary of their classic "Parallel Lines," is planning to head back into the studio. Although Debbie Harry was somewhat evasive about the prospect of another album, drummer Clem Burke says, "Were going to try and make another record in the next year." I liked about half of 1999's comeback, "No Exit," and half of 2003's "Curse of Blondie." Maybe 2009 will be the year they strike gold again. (Mirror)

  • Kiefer Madness: Germany tennis hunk Nicolas Kiefer chops his trademark locks off and not everybody's loving it. (TennisServedFresh)

  • Friend With Benefit: Do we like Matt LeBlanc's beard? (PerezHilton)

  • Class Acts: It's got to be a great comfort to Cynthia Rodriguez that all of the strippers her husband, Yankees slugger Alex Ciccone, fucked behind her back are siding with her in her divorce proceedings. Now how about a conciliatory lap dance? (NYDN)

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    Kiwi looks tons better with the shor 'do. I hated his hair at Wimbledon.