Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bond Ratings

While I stand by my assertion that Pierce Brosnan was the sexiest James Bond ever (sorry, maybe if I were a middle-aged woman in Kansas I would "get" the whole Sean Connery deal). But that's not to say I'd kick Daniel Craig out of bed for eating crackers.

"Quantum of Solace" trailer:


Anonymous said...

Sean was the uber-Bond b/c he's got that hirsute masculinity thing down pat. With those guys, you can just tell that they are only gonna get more masculine as they age.

Pierce? I suspect the Irish curse with him.

Daniel Craig is the Bond for the 21st century. He's got that bulky but buff thing going on, and a bit craggy too. Yeah, baby! He can be the spy who loved me long time!

Marc Lallanilla said...

Daniel Craig is undeniably hot, and you should see him in the movie about homo artist Francis Bacon ("Love Is the Devil") -- he's breathtaking. But you'd feel equally excited about Sean Connery if you watched the golf scene from "Goldfinger" again. Near the end of it, there's a close-up of Sean's crotch in those tight 60s golf pants -- you can see the whole package. Eye-popping, and way ahead of its time.

Anonymous said...

What movie are those stills of him and the youtube video (which is no longer available) on this post from?