Friday, July 18, 2008

Afternoon B.J.

I know I said that the scoop T needed to be pulled from the shelves of American Apparel, but I might be willing to make an exception for Brody Jenner (big surprise), who rocked one at the Championship Gaming Series Kickoff Party this week in Santa Monica, California.


Steve said...

This he's missing some chest hairs here.

Anonymous said...

Ok, we get it. You like B.J.!

Jerry said...

He totally ROCKS the scoop T! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

You're very right about the A.A. t-shirts.

They look like they started off cheap and flimsy to begin with...then the person had it for ages and wore it to do house and yard work for about 8 years...then the person got very sick with AIDS or cancer and started wasting away...and even though the shirt is stretched out and completely unflattering, the dying person has given up all hope and can't be bothered to try to dress better and look nice.

Brody looks the least disgusting of anyone I've seen in this rag.

Anonymous said...

Saw Joey Lawrence wearing a pink one and he looked like a woman from the neck down. More cleavage than my busty sister.