Monday, June 02, 2008

Next Stop, Swingtown

I've already got my DVR set to record Thursday's premiere episode of "Swingtown," CBS' new series about 1970s suburban Chicago swingers. The show's premise (newbies arrive to the neighborhood and realize the barbecues they're being invited to aren't quite like the ones they're used to) along with all of that paneling, avocado green appliances and a cast that includes a mustachioed Grant Show (Jake from "Melrose Place"), I think I've died and gone to TV heaven.

Welcome to "Swingtown"

"Melrose Place" Grant Show vs. "Swingtown" Grant Show


JaY said...

thanks for the head's all DVRd and ready to go...any show with a shirtless Grant Show has gotta be worth it...

Steve said...

Not to mention the dee-licious Jack Davenport!

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