Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Morning Wood: Eric Venturo

If Jackie Warner is looking to fill the void left on "Work Out" by Brian Peeler's termination then she may not have to look much further. Meet Eric Venutro, a 36-year-old "private trainer" in Beverly Hills who says on his MySpace profile that he's been a competitive surfer, outrigger and athlete most of his life before turning his talents to training. He also lists "swinger" as his relationship status and goes on to say "There's only one thing that can satisfy me and you can't send it through the mail!" (I smell drama!) If you want to know more, visit Eric here.


southernfriedjordan said...

I loved me some Brian Peeler... but I may be persuaded to move on.

Mike said...

Nice bulge!!

Anonymous said...

He is handsome in a very 70's way. Maybe he should join the cast of Swingtown instead.