Friday, May 23, 2008

Page 1 Consider (05/23)

  • Overkill: Think you're sick of hearing about "The Hills" and "Sex and the City: The Movie"? is as tired as the rest of us and has the videos to prove it, using the format that made "The Real Live Brady Bunch" an instant classic all those years ago. Check out Carrie and gang on 'roids in "Flex and the City" and then see how L.C. and her frenemies handle their golden years when they're "Over the Hills." (Via DailyIntel)

  • Let's Make It Legal: "Bride" and "groom" aren't gonna cut it anyone. So, what will the California marriage license look like in the new era of same-sex marriages? (AP)

  • How Embarrassing: Has Shania Twain, arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world, has been dumped for a Jackie on "Roseanne" lookalike? (People)

  • Bloggers of the World Unite: I really enjoyed former Gawker blogger Emily Gould's angst-ridden, tell-all article in the Sunday Times Magazine. I too have blogged about things that have placed me on the receiving end of vitriolic comments and e-mails (some deserved, some not). And I've also had my blog get in the way of my real life and personal relationships. But a 7,937-word cover story about her blogging experiences? I'm guessing there are about a dozen people who can relate to it and probably fewer who care. (SundayMag)

  • Life Is a Cabaret: At home with actor Joel Grey. (Nobody would be able to put Baby in the corner of his Venice bungalow -- the whole thing is a corner.) (NYT)

  • She's the Oncologist: Thank the lord for "The Insider," because I know we're all dying to know how Suzanne Somers feels about Sen. Ted Kennedy's cancer diagnosis. (Insider)

  • Humor Me: Since we love lists, Entertainment Weekly -- which I stopped subscribing to years ago when it became Video Game Weekly -- offers us the 25 Funniest People in America and it's got problems. You can judge for yourself, but the number of people on the list who were involved in the film "Baby Mama" should give you a hint. (EW)

  • A Gay Ole Time: Ever the source of overconfidence, a new study shows that while the nation's consumer confidence level is the lowest it's been since 1980, gay Americans report being more optimistic and less concerned about finances than their straight counterparts. (Snap!) (The Improper)

  • Urban Outing: Did you know the man behind hipster home furnishings and clothing retailer Urban Outfitters, a guy named Richard Hayne, is a right-wing nut who has donated money to the likes of Rick Santorum? Yet another reason for me to start dressing my age. (Watercooler)

  • Bash-ion Forward: If you happen to be looking for a sure-fire way to get beaten up on the street, might I suggest reading Guy Trebay's fashion diary? (NYT)

  • Thanks for Nothing: Remember Todd Davis, that jackass who went around with his Social Security number painted on the side of a van hawking his fraud-prevention company, LifeLock? Turns out it doesn't work so well (87 people have tried to steal Davis' identity and one guy even used it to get a $500 payday loan!) leading dozens of people who signed up for the service to sue him. (AP)

  • Ultimatum: Kudos to Human Rights Watch who told the European Union that Turkey must end abuse of gays if it wants to join the Euro club. (365Gay)

  • Sign o' the Times: More than 100 Washington Post journalists take the early retirement buyout. (WP)

    Anonymous said...

    Those lists are so annoyingly meaningless and yet so hard to ignore. I only made it a few spots into reading the list and then I quit. It's as ludicrous as the "Most Beautiful People" list. What a funny coincidence that the funniest and most beautiful people are already famous! There's no one who would merit a spot working at Border's in Columbus Ohio? Sure.

    The Life Lock thing is hilaaarious! I always hear those commercials while listening to my fave right-wing radio talkers and marvel at how bold Todd is to put his number out there like that. What a dolt.

    Anonymous said...

    Buyout IS the new black, toots.

    libhom said...

    I went to a reading by David Sedaris once. He is a wonderful writer, but I'm glad I don't know him in real life.