Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Florent Takes a Bow

A touching goodbye to a downtown institution. (How I will miss their baked macaroni and cheese with black forest ham!) (NYT)


Jonas said...

The fact that it's Fleet Week in the city takes 1% of the sting out of this sad news.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth: I'm having trouble deciding which is breaking my heart more: the end of Florent or the end of Jodie Foster's 14-year relationship.
Lulu Blue

Steve said...

I love this restaurant. While I don't live in the city, I visited this place every time I was there. I have to agree, I will miss the macaroni and cheese the most as well....I just had it three weeks ago. :(

Au revoir monsieur Florent, nous t'adorerons toujours!