Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's Ain't Exactly Luke and Noah, Is It?

The producers over at "As the World Turns" need to have a look at Christian and Oliver from the German soap "Verbotene Liebe" ("Forbidden Love"). These boys fell in love with each other and have quickly become daytime's newest and the hottest gay "it" couple. (You won't see this kind of action -- or those kind of bodies(!) -- on any American soaps.) Sometimes a kiss isn't just a kiss...

Christian and Oliver fan video set to "Breathe Me" by Sia.

(Video: The Oliver and Christian kisses from Verbotene Liebe.)


Anonymous said...

those two guys are amazingly romantic, and I love their body type, not overly worked like American soap stars. Who can look like American soap star in real life is beyond me.

philly76 said...

Maybe if you did see some of that action and some of those bodies on American daytime television, then possibly viewership to the daytime soaps would rise, instead of falling like it has been over the last few decades.