Thursday, April 10, 2008

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  • Smile! My friend Chantal didn't want me to post this photo of us that turned up on from the Moby thing at Hiro Ballroom last week. But I think it's way more candid and fun than any of ours, so too bad! (NickyDigital)

  • Dreaming Is Free: How I managed to miss Debbie Harry giving an award to John Waters and performing Ace Frehley's 1978 solo hit "New York Groove" at the NGLTF New York Leadership Awards in my own building is beyond me. Joe has all of the delicious details. (Joe.My.God.)

  • Blind Truth: On a related matter, at the same NGLTF event, New York's womanizing, pot-and-coke-lovin' new governor, David Paterson, announced that he would continue to push for full marriage equality for LGBT New Yorkers. (Advocate)

  • Motor City Trannies: I've gotta hand it to my old hometown. They can't do many things right, but Detroit has become the latest city to ban discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Its city council voted 8-1 to amend the city's nondiscrimination ordinance that already bars discrimination against lesbians and gays. (365Gay)

  • Absolut Size Queen: While the rest of the world was worked up into a lather over the Mexico ad for the randy vodka maker, I only had eyes for this one. (PRN)

  • Ultimate Gay-Straight Alliance: I always get nervous when non-tennis people interview the game's stars, but Oprah Winfrey did a great job with Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova on Tuesday's show about extraordinary friendships. The only way it could have been better is if they'd been given the full hour, which they so richly deserved! My pal Greg has a nice piece about the Chris-Martina phenomenon. (OutInHollywood)

  • Merry in Maryland: Legislation that would give domestic partners -- gay or straight (gasp!) -- medical and funeral decision-making rights has passed its final hurdle and is awaiting the signature of Gov. Martin O'Malley. (365Gay)

  • The Not Ready for Primetime Gayers: In Part 2 of AfterElton's special report on Gays in Primetime, they speak with the creators of some of today's most successful television shows including Greg Berlanti, Tim Kring, Bryan Fuller and others about why there aren't more gay characters on television. Their answers range from reluctant (and closeted actors) to nervous network executives to their own internalized homophobia. (Part 2 / Part 1)

  • Some Civics Lesson: A popular textbook used in government classes in U.S. high schools is under fire after a senior raised questions about the book's political biases. The student and his supporters say American Government, by conservatives James Wilson and John Dilulio, presents a skewed view of topics from global warming to separation of church and state to gay rights. The publisher now says it will review the book, as will the College Board, which oversees college-level Advanced Placement courses used in high schools. (AP)

  • The Gay Ceiling: A recent and first-ever forum of openly LGBT executives examined the corporate closet in today’s workplace, focusing on the lack of representation in top business roles as well as the importance of LGBT role models. Learn more at Out&

  • Whistling Diddy: Why don't you go to Zell! (PolitickerCA)
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    So glad you posted the pic of you and Chantal. Delicious. My BFFs read you constantly (and, I might add, wish they could date you!).

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    Lulu B.