Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Ad Watch

Irish hunk Tom Brady may have suffered a humiliating loss in this year's Super Bowl, but he's still Madison Avenue's Golden Boy. And who wouldn't want to smell ride with him in a convertible (above, for Stetson) or sweat with him (for SmartWater, below)?

Never heard of 3G ActualWear, but this sure changed that; I certainly hope this K-Y Intrigue doesn't have any heating element to it. (I'm still smarting from the Noxema incident of '88)
Say what you will about Janice Dickinson, she gets her models work. First 2(x)ist and Andrew Christian undies and now GoSoftwear and Rufskin ... I wonder if her boys knew they'd become gay icons (love her!)

If you're looking for a new private plane (and really, who isn't?), Roger Federer sure makes the case of NetJets; and I'm not really sure what's being sold in this ad for Wide Eye, but isn't that the point?

This week's eye-catching advertisements

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The Grand ChaHee said...

I totally learned the hard way about warming lubricants...