Thursday, March 20, 2008

Page 1 Consider (03/20)

  • Score! Could David Beckham have been any more adorable at the MLS-W.O.R.K.S. and U.S. Soccer Foundation gala benefit at Gotham Hall here in Manhattan last night? (Reuters)

  • No Mickey-Mousing Around: Kudos to Florida state Sen. Nan Rich who has filed legislation to ease a three-decade-old ban on gays adopting children in Florida. Rosie O'Donnell must be thrilled too. (365Gay)

  • WTFski? A gay couple of Queens, whose commitment ceremony was written up in the New York Times back in '03, has been dragged into Polish anti-gay campaign. (NYT)

  • Homeboy Inc.: This is an interesting look at the work a Jesuit priest is doing in Los Angeles to help former gang members turn their lives around. (NYT)

  • Rose v. Anderson: My friends on the Left Coast were texting me all evening wondering what had happened to Anderson Cooper's left eye. Turns out he had a cancerous mole removed, something he ended up blogging about after the procedure. "I hadn't planned on mentioning this," said Cooper, 40. "But I still have stitches and you'll no doubt notice them. ... Don't want you to think I got into a fistfight with Charlie Rose." (Ha!) You're handsome, Anderson. But skin cancer or no skin cancer, you're still no McSteamy. (AP)

  • The 'Wild' Life: Maybe Joe Francis is going back to the slammer. Eliot Spitzer's prostitute Ashley Alexandra Dupre (aka Kristen) is now claiming she was only 17 when she was filmed by his "Girls Gone Wild" crew back in 2003 in Miami. Can't wait for the Hooker v. Kiddie Porn Peddler Trial later in the year. (AP)

  • Tri-State Whores: Speaking of Joe Francis, how soon before a "Govs Gone Wild" video comes out? (NYT)

  • Tennis Legend: Monica Seles has signed on to write a memoir, due out in 2009. I don't watch "Dancing With the Stars" -- my best pal describes it as "the worst show of all time" -- but a tennis-loving co-worker of mine says Seles was surprisingly awkward on the show the other night, and my co-worker blames the high heels. She may be right, but I'm guessing Monica's insistence on dancing with two hands on her partner at all times is the real culprit. (TennisWeek)

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    Timmy said...

    I too was a bit surprised Monica didn't do well the other night. Part of it may have been nerves. There's always next week.