Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feeling Randy

Model Randy Miles is such a T-ease in this shirt from NoWireHangers.

You may remember him from this advert for Jawbone Wireless in which he gets randy with a fellow rugby player in a pub ...

Video: Jawbone - Rugby Drinking Party (2008)


Peter Chan said...

Is it me or does he remind anyone else of Jason Ridge?

Anonymous said...

LOL ... funny thing ... last Saturday night, I had dinner at El Coyote with Randy & Jason Ridge!

No resemblance at all!!

But did you check out the Jawbone vid ... the guy he makes out with is Peter "Hunk of Finland" York!

-Scott A

Anonymous said...

I hear he could be yours for a shot of Jaeger?

Ben D.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Eric York. Check him out.

Anonymous said...

You're right billy d ... it is Eric York!

I just know him as Hunk of Finland. lol