Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Don't Be Cruel

I've always had a big soft spot for Lisa Marie Presley. She was always so beautiful and tough -- in a Jo from "The Facts of Life" kind of way. Yet despite her pedigree she always seemed to shun the spotlight. She seemed to be cringing with the rest of us as Michael Jackson manipulated her back in her 20s. Then well into her 30s she shocked many by releasing her first album. I bought it and enjoyed it and I even saw her in concert when she opened for Chris Isaak in Atlantic City. On stage she was just as you'd imagine: shy and awkward -- but completely lovable. The tabloids seem to be having a field day with her most recent weight gain. She's always been like her dad when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, but I sure hope the other rumors -- that she's pregnant -- are true. It would be sad to see her follow in her father's footsteps. Then again, Mom's rail thin and not exactly aging gracefully (have you seen what she's done to her face?), so obviously role models are not something Lisa Marie was born into. Stay strong and be healthy, Lisa Marie. We wanna grow old with ya!

UPDATE: Lisa Marie is indeed pregnant. Congrats!!


Anonymous said...

Why can't Scientology cure Kirstie, Travolta and Lisa Marie of their weight problems? It almost makes me start to think the whole thing is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

She's actually pregnant. You didn't write anything about that being part of her weight gain.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Um, why don't you learn to read, ANONYMOUS ASSHOLE? I most certainly DID mention that she might be pregnant and I specifically said I hope that's the case and people should leave her alone.