Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Worship: Robert Buckley

Having been holed up here for more than three days with the flu I've been doing what any bedridden person does: watching a lot of boob tube. I still hadn't brought myself to sit through the premiere of "Lipstick Jungle," but then my pal Greg e-mailed me this photo of cast member Robert Buckley and I quickly decided it was time to dig in. The show is quite watchable and doesn't make me think "Sex and the City" at all. (Perhaps the "Sex" movie will be like "Lipstick" given the gals' advanced ages.) Kim Raver's character immediately became my favorite. I knew I loved her from somewhere but honestly couldn't even place it without looking on IMDB (she was on NBC's underappreciated "First Alert" "Third Watch" -- I think my illness is to blame for that). My biggest issue with the show is that Lindsay Price -- whom I remember from her "90210" days -- seems way too young to be tight with the other two women. (Is is going to turn out that Brooke Shields is her mother?) Sure, they all have being supersuccessful in common, but something still isn't ringing true for me. Perhaps as it goes along we'll learn how they wound up knowing each.

Oddly enough, it's Lindsay's character who is hot and heavy with '80s icon Andrew McCarthy, while Kim is enjoying Buckley's fine young bod. (You may recall him from the telenouvela "Fashion House" that starred Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild.)

By the way. I dragged my ass into work today (it literally killed me) only to find out they had made arrangements for someone to cover for me. Knowing that I am glued to my computer they E-MAILED ME to tell me that everything was taken care of, but because I'm in so much pain I hadn't sat down at my desk in the last 12 hours so I never got the message. (Kind of a bummer, right?) All in all, it wasn't the worst thing, though. I've grateful to be home resting again. And it forced me to take a shower(!), which I'm sure Larry appreciates. Thanks for all of the well wishes. Now back to bed!


Anonymous said...

Get well buddy, I am new to your blog and I enjoy reading it

Anonymous said...

Did you give "Cashmere Mafia" a chance yet? I prefer it to "Lipstick Jungle", but maybe that's just me :) Though Robert Buckley is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon.

Timmy said...

I happened to catch a repeat of Lipstick Jungle. It wasn't the first episode so I'm a little lost as to character development, etc. Robert Buckley is enough to keep me coming back for more.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I have not caught "Cashmere Mafia," much for the same reason I didn't jump into "Lipstick": I feel like they're both going to be canceled and I don't want to bother getting into them!

Anonymous said...

I had DVR'd Lipstick...but was on the fence about watching...thanks for the pic and the info about this I will be sure to watch!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, yeah, he is pretty awesome. True star of L.j.
More pics and info here:

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