Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sporting Goods: Zach Parise

Meet Zach Parise, a 23-year-old from Minnesota who plays left wing for the New Jersey Devils. His nickname is "Zach Attack," to which I say bring it on!


Unknown said...

Very nice! He is hot.

Mike said...

Looks like I'll be going to some Devils games this year.

Anonymous said...

I was reading an article on Outsports about a closeted hockey player. My friend said "you'd date a hockey player."

I think this group of photos of Zach attack should pretty much answer that question. :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG! His eyes are so gorgeous! What a piece of manhood!

Anonymous said...

Tantalizing eyes, lovely smile, etc. He's also a great interview. I find his interviews so entertaining and it shows you a lot about his "inner self". Plus, a I've heard a lot of people saying him being so effeminate. ;-)

I've read that outsports article too but I doubt it's him. As far as I can remember, the article stated that player playing for a New York team and being there for quite a long time already. It's only Zach's 3rd season in the NHL.

I totally agree with you guys, he's so hot and irresistable!


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