Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Page 1 Consider (02/26)

  • Bitter Queen: This is a fun blog that chronicles the history of gay bars in New York City. (HOGB)

  • Film at 11: Apparently if you're a hot news anchor chick you can punch an NYPD officer in the face and call her a "dyke bitch" with no ramifications. Just ask Alycia Lane. Not only that, she'll probably win millions from her former employer whom she is suing because they didn't appreciate her making herself into a news story. (Gothamist)

  • Schmear Campaign: If you're anything like I am you avoid eating bagels at all costs because it's just so hard to spread cream cheese on them. Thank the Lord that Kraft has come to the rescue. (Story)

  • Fat Chance: The only thing more annoying than listening to Mike Huckabee try to explain his warped views on homosexuality would have to be having him explain them to Tyra Banks. Will she wear a fat suit to make him feel more at home? (Advocate)

  • Tarnished Gold: Not surprisingly, ratings for Sunday's Oscars were not good. (AP)

  • Montego Gay: An openly gay police officer in Kingston, Jamaica, wants the Canadian government to grant him asylum, saying his life is in danger at home because of his sexuality. (365Gay) (The N.Y. Times profiled him over the weekend.)

  • Estrogen-Flavored Musical Comedy: This is the epitome of everything I hate. (NYT)

  • Dirty Politics: Can you believe this "smear" campaign against Barack Obama? It's like they want us to believe he visited Kenya and put on the nation's traditional garments in a photo op. (AP)


    Matthew said...

    I like Hillary, too, but I lost a lot of respect for her over this. This photo, which clearly existed prior to her campaign's obvious pushing of it, SHOULD be harmless—it's just him in Kenya putting on traditional garb. But Hillary's campaign knows that many people who see this will seized up in fear and associate it with Islamic terrorists and will assume the widely circulated lie that he's a stealth Muslim. Her campaign was saying "wouldn't the RNC be using this???" Yes, they would use this to drum up fear, to play on bigotry. That's expected. But I didn't expect MY SIDE to stoop to it. I have sympathy for her in that she's gotten a much harder look from the media, but this was sickening to me. Obama is going to win the nomination and he deserves to win just as much as my candidate HIllary does.

    Joey said...

    I think it would be funnier to dress Obama in golf clothes to see how many people mistake him for Tiger Woods.

    Anonymous said...

    All of us Log Cabin Republicans applaud your good work! Keep it up!