Friday, February 15, 2008

Page 1 Consider (02/15)

  • Two-Handed Goodbye: Well, it's been five years since she played her final match. But Monica Seles officially retired yesterday, ending a brilliant career that will be forever tainted by a knife-wielding madman. Like most athletes who dominate, I didn't fully appreciate Seles' limitless talent until it was nearly too late. But I will never forget being in the newsroom at The Orange County Register watching her semifinal slugfest against Jennifer Capriati in the 1991 U.S. Open and how the whole room gasped for air with each shot. Thanks for all the memories, Monica. You're a class act. (AP)

  • Psycho Killer: Not sure if this is making national news or not, but a hatchet-wielding lunatic walked into a suite of medical offices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with a bag full of women's clothing and adult diapers and stabbed a 56-year-old female therapist to death, then brutally attacked a 70-year-old psychiatrist who tried to come to her rescue. The psycho is still at large and investigators still don't seem to have any idea who he is, despite lengthy surveillance video of him. (NYP)

  • Like Father, Like Son: There's talk that Howie Long's hunky son Chris is being eyed by the Miami Dolphins, who have the No. 1 draft pick. (FanNation)

  • Mindless Martyrs: Another mass murder on a college campus, this time at Northern Illinois State. A horrible tragedy, of course. But is the media allowing these sick individuals to become the American equivalent of a suicide bomber? (NYT)

  • Last Laugh: Republican Sen. Larry Craig may have gotten a "letter in his file" from his fellow lawmakers this week. But he's still got his job. (AP)

  • Murder and Hate: Prosecutors on Thursday charged a 14-year-old boy with attempted murder and said he committed a hate crime in the classroom shooting of an Oxnard, Calif., gay eighth-grader who was declared brain-dead. I trust these charges will be upgraded when the time comes. A gruesome reminder to us all that while things have improved, there is still a lot of homophobia and intolerance in this country. Truly sickening. (AP)

  • The Only Way Is Up: No sooner did I learn that Steve May, a former Republican Arizona lawmaker who is openly gay, had announced that he would seek the seat being vacated this year by the retiring anti-gay Rep. John Shadegg (who has an HRC rating of 0 percent), Shadegg announced he was pulling a Larry Craig and "reconsidering" leaving his post. It seems 138 of his fellow intolerant representatives think his services are still needed. (AZ Republic)
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    Ron Buckmire said...

    Cool. i hadn't heard Steve May would seek the seat--as a Republican right? Does he have a chance?