Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Page 1 Consider (02/05)

  • Smoking Crack: Call it a small victory for nonretardedness, but obscenity charges have been dropped against the Abercrombie & Fitch manager in Virginia Beach, Va., whose store features the exact same promotional photos of every other A&F in the world. "The marketing images in question show less skin than you see any summer day at the beach. And certainly less than the plumber working on your kitchen sink," the company, based in New Albany, Ohio(!), said in a statement. (AP)

  • Line, Please: Entertainment Weekly rates the worst movie lines ever -- and yes, my beloved "Love Story" made the cut. (Of course.) (EW)

  • Fools, Indeed: Went to see "27 Dresses" this weekend and had to sit through the long trailer for "Fool's Gold" -- the (obviously) tragically heinous new film starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson -- I couldn't help but think how sad it is that we're forced to settle for these films as our generation's "romantic comedies" and these actors as our "movie stars." I wasn't the only one thinking this. Check out A.O. Scott's brilliant analysis of the sad state of affairs. (I won't even get started on how warped it is that Katherine Heigl is the "ugly," "overweight" sister in the film just because she doesn't have her blond hair and shuffles pancakes in her mouth when she's upset -- or how it's the exact same plot as "In Her Shoes"!!!) (NYT)

  • Priest Is Out: Leave it to the agents of "small government" to come to the rescue of morality in America. A popular Catholic chaplain at SUNY Maritime College in The Bronx has been fired and barred from acting as a priest after The New York Post told church officials that he has lived with another man in a pricey Manhattan one-bedroom apartment for years. Would they have not reported him if it had been a crappy studio? (NYP)

  • Whole Milk: Harvey Milk the movie is on its way. Could the same be true of Harvey Milk the holiday? (365Gay)

  • Mixed Verdict: A federal judge on Monday upheld a jury verdict that found the Rev. Fred Phelps and his two daughters, Shirley Phelps-Roper and Rebecca Phelps-Davis, had invaded privacy with intent to inflict emotional distress on the father of a Marine whose funeral Phelps' Westoboro Church had picketed. But U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett chopped the $10 million verdict award to Albert Snyder in half. (365Gay)

  • Loose Lips: Well, it looks like we finally know what happened to that poor Natalee Holloway girl. I'm happy for her family, although I doubt the hapless authorities in Aruba will ever be able to bring up charges on Joran Van der Sloot. (AP)

  • Rut Row: A blogger who was apparently picked up in an Internet crackdown by the Myanmar military government has been seen in detention at a government office, an opposition party spokesman said Monday. The blogger, Nay Phone Latt, disappeared on Jan. 29. Officials have declined to confirm his whereabouts -- or his arrest. (AP)

  • Personal Best: Staying a step ahead of aging. (NYT)
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    kevin said...

    The line "Love means never having to say sorry" was also said by Barbra Streisand in "What's Up Doc". So shouldn't that be on the list too?