Friday, February 15, 2008

Bunch of Candies

From my brother Bill:

Subject: Greatest trivia note ever

Candy cigarettes are called "sugar fags" in the United Kingdom.


Bill said...

I must say I've never heard the term 'candy fags' used in Britain. I do vaguely recall seeing make-believe cigarettes when I was a young child, many (many) years ago.

It's perfectly true, however, that cigarettes are known as 'fags' in the UK; the American usage of this word is never used in Britain. Of course what we call a 'cottage' is what you call a 'tea-room'! I've been to plenty of tearooms in my time, but only to get a cup of tea and possibly a Devon cream tea (a scone with thick Devon cream and jam, usually straberry) ;)

Joey said...

Sugar Fags. lol. That IS interesting. When I was a kid I hated candy cigarettes, but I loved the bubblegum ones. And the coolest thing about them was the powdery coating between the gum and the paper, so you could stick it in your mouth and blow out one puff of powder, so it looked like you were REALLY smoking.

Anonymous said...

They are not. As far as i remember, when you could get them a long time ago they were called "Sweet Cigarettes".

Anonymous said...

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Homer said...

I remember getting those when I was a kid trick or treating.

Anonymous said...

And actually "fag" is rarely used for cigs these days, except perhaps in the north. It's a pretty old-fashioned usage.

God I sound like a Grumpy Old Brit Man, but it gets quite irriatating when Americans seem to think the Uk is still like they've seen in old old movies. Its very very different now, and much more cosmopolitan and multiethnic.

Thank you for listening.

Joey said...

Well...anon 8:50...maybe some of us just prefer to always think of England in the style of old-movies, rather than a place where boys in warm-up suits play x-box in houses with a bunch of surly Arabs living next door.

Alan Nguyen (阮阿蘭) said...

I grew up in Australia, and we always just called them "Fags" (which is also what we call real cigarettes).

I've heard you can't buy them anymore, because apparently they were seen as encouraging kids to smoke.