Friday, January 18, 2008

Sex and the Single Gay

As Hollywood inches closer to an end to the writers' strike, I hear that a new cable series may be in the works based on the unlucky-in-love queer protagonist of writer Arthur Wooten's "On Picking Fruit" and its just-released sequel, "Fruit Cocktail." The novels follow the trials and tribulations of Curtis Jenkins, described by reviewer Bob Lind as "a successful middle-aged writer in New York City, who can't seem to even get close to finding Mr. Right. His overbearing, flamboyant mother (who claims she knew he was gay since the day he was born) and his best friend Quinn (a gay soap opera writer far more interested in finding "Mr. Right Now" instead of "Mr. Right") say that Curtis is too picky... and push him to seek advice from the gruff, no-nonsense, ancient Dr. Magda Turnick. His therapist, in turn, urges him to go on at least one date a week during therapy" and you can imagine what happens from there. I haven't read either of the books but a series sounds like it could be promising if handled by the right people. (After all, as fun as it was watching four women play gay men on HBO, a little "role reversal" might be nice for a change -- and anything's better than "Queer As Folk"!) Incidentally Wooten -- who is also an accomplished playwright -- has just been tapped to write a monthly Dear John letter for reFresh magazine, which, if my calculations are correct, sort of makes him the de facto "gay Carrie Bradshaw." Click here to visit him on MySpace.

So here we have it: A perpetually single gay guy and an overbearing mother? Who would YOU like to see cast in these roles?


Anonymous said...

wow, how refreshing. A gay character who is always single and looking, with an overbearing mother, and a best friend who has lot's of hook-ups and probably a lot of snarky one-liners.

Anonymous said...

I've read both novels - hysterically funny. I mean the kind where you burst out laughing on the crosstown bus. Hmmm - Curtis - maybe Jason Bateman? Mrs. J. - Joanna Cassidy? The women, at this age range, will be clawing for this role.

Chuck Baum said...

Chad Allen and Betty White

Anonymous said...

overbearing mother...if i were the casting people.. Let me think(i'm trying to avoid the usual meryl streep,glenn close,etc.need.under-
rated actress.same goes for the actor)

1.Marcia Gay Harden
2.Linda Hamilton(hey,who knows?
might cure her depression)
3.Maggie Smith(but want her to be
an overbearing and super
flamboyant at the same time in a
very quirky ways.too old yes,but
you'll never know...)
4.Jennifer Jason Leigh
5.Sean Young
6.Toni Collette
7.was thinking bout "Mommy Dearest"
(a male actor playing mom?why
not?I didn't think Cate
Blanchett was THAT good playing
Bob Dylan)

Easy,the homophobic ones.I'm sure
the casting people knew.Make it as
un-easy as possible during
audition sessions.And has this
X-factor which appeals to the
whole spectrum of gay people.

p/s: Yes, please spare those Queer As Folk folkies.That's not real life.At least for a gay man like me.No offence.

Unknown said...

Casting!!!! OMG!!! Where to begin. I guess it all has to do with the 'pairings' but here are a few possibilities. I have my own ideas, but feel free to mix them up as you see fit. I'm sure I'll come up with the perfect casting when it's not after midnight and when there's no scotch involved.

Mom -- Diane Keaton; Jane Fonda; Fionulla Flanagan; Ellen Burstyn; Brenda Blethyn; Blythe Danner

Curtis -- Rupert Everett; Durmot Mulroney; John Cusack; Michael Keaton; Craig Ferguson; John Hamm