Friday, January 18, 2008

He Will Be Loved

He's not exactly my type and I don't even really care much for Maroon 5's music, but for some reason I'm pretty sweet on Adam Levine. His performance on MTV's "TRL" this week only strengthened my schoolgirl crush (it's the smile!). (WireImage)

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  • Adam Levine, Lean and Mean
  • Adam Levine: Tattooed (Prison) Love Boy
  • Harder to Breathe

    Random Thinker said...

    I saw Maroon 5 open for John Mayer a few years ago, and they were awesome. Made John Mayer sound amateurish. I think their most recent CD is even better than the first. And there's some similarities between M-Vs sounds and Duran Duran too.

    give em a second chance.

    kevin said...

    Are you sure that wasn't a 5-maroon alarm going off on your gaydar. I think he act, walks, sings and talks like a gay man. I just wish he dressed and groomed like one.

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