Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Have You Seen This Woman? (Donna Rutkowski)

I'd been thinking about my former teaching assistant turned friend Donna Rutkowski lately when I got an e-mail last night from a girl woman I had interned with on Capitol Hill back in 1989 who told me she'd come across my blog by searching "Sears Intern Program." In that post about my semester interning for Rep. Major Owens I made a point of noting that half the reason I was writing it was in hopes of other interns would Google their way here and we could start a little online reunion. With the success of hearing from Joy Jones (if you're reading, Joy, I will write you back this week!) I was inspired me to try to use a similar ploy to find Donna, who ironically I last saw in person the day before I left for that DC internship back in January 1989. We stayed in touch for a number of years by phone -- the photo is one she mailed me back in 1992 -- but she moved back to the Chicago area (Naperville, when last I heard), and eventually we lost touch. Any of my Chicago readers know where I can find my girl? I'd love to hear how she's doing. She could always make me laugh.

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