Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment at 421 Broome St. in SoHo, according to the New York City police. (The place was rumored to be Mary-Kate Olsen's, but I know it's not. Hers is a penthouse in the West Village.) Ledger was 28 and the father of a young daughter. (NYT)

UPDATE: Here's a link to the New York Times Page 1 story about this very sad turn of events.


Matthew said...

I posted about this earlier, too. Living in NYC, we seem to have heard the news EERILY fast. So fast it wasn't even up anywhere except Drudge and the local NBC News site. I really wish it were not true. Terrible loss. I would guess suicide, but we'll see. Can't we trade Amy Winehouse, Britney and one or two others for him?

John said...

I posted this right away too. When I heard CNN say Manhattan, I thought OMG, I must get to kenneth in the (212)'s blog and learn more. It seems we were posting at the same time. What a sad loss of a brilliant actor.

Anonymous said...

I thought him to be an original in every sense of the word. A fine actor making interesting choices and always getting better at it.

I was one of the few who fell for him in Brokeback. How I loved his character and recognized that Ennis of his as part of my own life.

I am so upset and saddened. I know he had a chronic insomnia problem. Don't think he was a junkie. We await the results of the investigation.

Oh my oh my. I will miss him and his screen personae. Lovely person.

Anonymous said...

I just felt so sick and shocked when I saw this news today. I found Heath's performance in Brokeback Mountain truly heart rending, and it's so sad to have such talent lost while hacks like Tom Cruise pour their stupidity out on us every day. I just feel like crying.

Alex said...

A sad loss of a wonderfully talented man. Not much more can be said, the millions of tributes worldwide say it all. A loss to the world.