Monday, October 29, 2007

Page 1 Consider (10/29)

  • Greatest American Hero: Larry Flynt, editor and publisher of Hustler magazine, just told FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto that he’s “hoping to expose a bombshell” that will stand “Washington and the country on its head.” Within the next week or two, he says his magazine will expose a sex scandal of huge proportions involving a prominent United States Senator. Flynt refused to comment on the Senator’s political affiliation, but alluded that he or she is a Republican. (I'm chomping at the bit!) (BigHeadDC)

  • Singing a New Tune: Last night, about two dozen gay and lesbian group supporters marched and carried a rainbow flag outside a rally for Barack Obama that featured ex-gay gospel singer Donnie McClurkin. (AP)

  • Model Behavior? Maybe he's not the most smartest model after all. Andre Birleanu, 25, of Manhattan -- who has earned a reputation as a volatile hothead on the VH1 reality show "America's Most Smartest Model" -- was charged with sexual misconduct and aggravated harassment for a sex attack in which he allegedly groped a 19-year-old actress during a fashion party at a posh downtown restaurant, authorities said. (NYP)

  • Nazi Court: To understand this 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, people have a constitutional right based on his religious freedom to profess their hatred and disapproval of gays and lesbians even in public school. So can someone say the same about blacks, Hispanics and Jews if their religion doesn't "approve" of them, too? (AP)

  • Crack Is Whack: No one is more in favor of making this saggy jeans "fad" go away more than I am (since when do fads last 10 years?). But I'm not sure even I can support the city of Dallas' mew ad campaign to get guys to pull their pants up by promoting the idea that saggy drawers are known as invitation to be ass-raped in prison. (NPR) (Check out the rap song that "inspired" the campaign.)

  • Family 'Values': A mother of four asking her uncle to provide temporary foster care for her children while she undergoes drug rehab should be of no concern to anyone but her and her uncle. Unless that uncle cohabits with another man and lives in Utah. (Advocate)

  • Slit My Wrists: Are you as tired as I am of the whole world making up retarded new words for vaginas? Oprah Winfrey asked her audience, "I think vajayjay is a nice word, don’t you?" and now the Sunday Styles section has an article devoted to the topic. I always thought vagina did the trick (so to speak). (NYT)

  • The Evita Factor: It wasn't that long ago the air in Buenos Aires was heavy with anguish prompted by a collapsing national economy. Now, it seems the breeze is filled with the tunes of tango, and men's cologne. The Argentinean capital is riding high on a tourist boom -- one that relies in part on two new kinds of visitors: tango students, and gays. (Fin24)

  • Move Over, Tinky Winky: Is Dumbledore Gay? Depends on your definitions of "is" and "gay." (NYT)

  • Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Sen. Larry Craig will now argue before an appeals court that Minnesota's disorderly conduct law is unconstitutional as it applies to his conviction in a bathroom sex sting, according to a new court filing. This is the first time Craig's attorneys have raised that issue. However, an earlier friend-of-the-court filing by the American Civil Liberties Union argued that Craig's foot-tapping and hand gesture under a stall divider at the Minneapolis airport are protected by the First Amendment. (AP)

  • Lucky Charm: Barry Meegan, a player with the Emerald Warriors gay rugby club and "Mr. Emerald Warriors," has been crowned the new Mr. Gay Ireland. Last night, he beat off competition from 21 other finalists from all over Ireland -- north and south -- to take the title. (UKGayNews)

  • Roll Call: Five additional members of the House, all Democrats, have signed on as co-sponsors of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act of 2007 (HR 1246), which would repeal the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy that prohibits openly gay or lesbian Americans from serving in the armed forces. (PageOneQ)
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    Anonymous said...

    I despise the majorly sagging jeans look too (slightly saggy is okay), and I do think the Dallas campaign has an underlying homophobic take to it, but you have to admit it's probably a stroke of genius for achieving its goal. (Interestingly, an old guy at the gym- like 90 years old and still bench pressing 500 pounds- told me he'd heard the saggy-pants look originated in jail from having one's belt taken away).