Monday, October 29, 2007

Jakey, Are You Queer?

My (lucky) friend Mark went to a CD release party/concert last night in Hollywood for Josie Cotton's latest, "Invasion of the B-Girls," a collection of songs from bad movies that has John Waters proclaiming that Josie "has made the unlistenable unforgettable." (You might recall I posted the first single/video off the album, "Maneaters (Get Off the Road") last month.)

The party was at the Key Club on the fabulous Sunset Strip and who should be in the joint but one Jake Gyllenhaal, who appeared to be there with Trudie Styler and Robert Downey Jr. to see the "Chaplin" star's 14-year-old son, Indio, perform with his band, The Jack Bambis, as an opening act for Josie.

It's been more than 25 years since Josie debuted on the scene, but as you will see in the "Johnny, Are You Queer?" clip below, she's still got it. For you hard-core fans, Mark says she even did "Systematic Way" off her 1982 classic, "Convertible Music"!!! 

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Frank Anthony Polito said...

I'll never forget the terror this song stirred in me as a youngster growing up in early 1980s Detroit.

While my name's not "Johnny," I couldn't help but think Josie was signing TO me and ABOUT me.

Two decades later, still haunted by the memory, I titled the first chapter in my upcoming novel, BAND FAGS!, in honor of the Ms. Cotton hit.

Here's a sneek peek:

“Lemme see what you got.” Brad grabs hold of the record box and begins pulling them out. One by one he tosses them aside, apparently not finding any to his approval.

“Careful with those!” I tell him. “You’re so destructive, sometimes.”

To which, Brad rolls his eyes. “I am not!” Then he exclaims, “Oh, my God… I totally love this one!” He hands me the record and I look at the label… “Johnny, Are You Queer?” by Josie Cotton. “Put it on,” Brad orders. “Today!”

As much as I hate to, I do as my Best Friend tells me. Though this song is definitely not one of my favorites, don’t ask me why!

Maybe it’s because I can’t stand the way Josie Cotton sings it. All nasal and whiny and annoying.

Or maybe it’s because the song reminds me of the very first Fun Night way back in 7th grade when I first met Lynn Kelly, the Love of My Life, and thought we had a Future.

Or maybe it’s because my real name happens to be John… Though nobody ever calls me “Johnny.”

It also doesn’t help when it gets to the “Johnny, are you queer?” part and Brad turns to me, singing along.