Friday, October 12, 2007

Morning Wood: Ricky Martin

This may be somewhat inappropriate to post the day after National Coming Out Day, but gay punchline or not, Ricky Martin can still shake my bon-bon anytime he likes ... (WireImage)


  • Livin' La Speedo Loca
  • Ricky Martin: Further Tales From the Speedo Diaries

    Anonymous said...

    It is so nice to wakeup with Ricky Martin, Thanks Kenneth

    Anonymous said...

    Soooooooo glad he's back to the short hair. He's looks great!

    He's such a nice guy. I've listened to spanish interviews before he got mega famous, and he always was very nice, respectful and genuine.

    Sure it would be nice if he came out one day.

    But I do like the charity he does for children worldwide. He gives to help others with less money.

    New York City Diary said...

    Mystery is sexy!