Thursday, September 06, 2007

They Called It Puppy Love

It's no secret that I'm a "cat person." It's not that I really have anything against dogs. I just never had any experience with them. As a child my family had cats. We did have one attempt at being dog owners back in the mid-1970s, but none of us showed much interest in Buffy the poodle (why does she keep barking and shitting???) and no one seemed to notice when my parents gave her away. Cut to the early '90s when my sister met her future husband who had this dog named Mack. My sister told her guy that she wasn't into dogs -- and certainly not some funny looking critter with a huge head -- and probably thought that would be the end of it. Anthony told her that Mack came with the package -- take it or leave it. She took it and it didn't take long before Mack became my sister's beloved first child. How she adored that pooch, dressing him up for holidays and pampering him like a little prince! Before long I got to know the new four-legged man in Jennifer's life when I'd come home for visits and I completely fell in love, too. Mack, who was part pit bull and part Shar Pei (I'd always pull on his loose skin and tell him he needed a face lift), wasn't exactly small but he acted like he was a lap cat, always trying to be all dainty and sit on the bed next to you (or on your lap!). My whole view of dog ownership changed in an instant. Talk about a true friend and companion! Mack loved me too and would always sleep with me when I was in town (over the years the competition of two real babies cut into his star power in the family so a visit from a more doting Uncle Kenny was clearly appreciated!). Cute Mack was the same age as my Troy and sadly, a week after my cat's passing Mack had to be put down, too. He was a very sweet boy and a great family pet. I sure will miss him. My heart goes out to my sister and her family who I know is hurting greatly right now.


nojarama said...

How awful. Two loved ones in two weeks?!! My heart goes out to you & yours. I lost a few pets as a child (2 bunnies, a couple lizards & various goldfish). So I can empathize. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

"He cannot be a gentleman which loveth not a dog." -John Northbrooke

Anonymous said...

Bad week for beloved pets.

The prednisone didn't work on my kitty and he had to be put down on Monday.

I don't know how you adopted a new baby so quickly. I still have one kitty (who turns 8 on saturday) but I feel like I can't go thru this agony ever again!

Hope you and your new buddy are doing well.

Robby Johnson said...

I'm very sorry about Mack. And your cat. And everyone else's lost pets. Unfortunately, our pets don't share our life spans. My thoughts are with you all.