Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Electric Youth Middle Age

It seems Michael's new phone is set up to take tiny photos (bummer), but it was fun running into Long Island's finest Debbie Gibson this afternoon at Au Bon Pain on Fifth Avenue!

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dpaste said...

Please! It's Deborah now!

S said...

Talk about out of the blue.

I guess I'll never meet her in person... only in my dreams.

Anonymous said...

i as well met her for the first time in Atlanta this summer at Pride. she is such a joy of bright light.. still after all these years!

Frank Anthony Polito said...

i don't know HOW you do it... scoring SO many photos with the celebs! i always feel like a stalker even CONTEMPLATING approaching them... good for you!

ps-- i saw debbie in concert at pine knob, "back in the day."

Glynn said...

I am soooooo jealous!!! I have loved her since the very beginning.
However, I did get to meet her and Eartha Kitt when they were in Houston doing Beauty and the Beast. She is just as wonderful in person!!

Anonymous said...

I met Deborah and had my pic taken with her at the Mexican Atlantis Cruise last week. She truly is a very sweet and down to earth person!

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