Friday, June 29, 2007

Afternoon Delight: Chad White

I know, I know. These photos made the rounds a few weeks ago. But my friend Greg wanted me to pick up a copy of Chad White's June Tetu cover so he could make wallpapers out of these superhot photos, so I ended up scanning them myself. The top photo -- my personal favorite -- doesn't seem to be around on the 'Net anywhere, so consider it a bonus from this Johnny-come-lately.

  • Chad White Wallpaper
  • Chad White Does Out
  • Chad White: Perfect Fit
  • Morning Glory: Chad White

    Anonymous said...

    WOW!!!! i love Chad i discovered him not too long ago and i am totally enamored with him! thanx for the scans they will be great for my chad collection!

    bathmate said...

    very good posting. thank you. :)