Thursday, May 03, 2007

Favorite Bartender: Marcello Diaz

Saving this old issue of the gay rag HX was a no-brainer -- that's hunky Marcello on the cover, our favorite bartender at G Lounge, around the corner from my apartment. From 1998 till 2002, my friend Jay and I didn't miss at single Thursday night at G (come to think of it, we didn't miss too many other days of the week either), and staring at Marcello (who's as sweet as he is sexy) was always one of our favorite activities of the night. I was at G just a few months ago and Marcello is still working there -- and looking hotter than ever ...


~N~ said...

OMG....the last time I was in NYC was late Sept 2002 and I picked up and still have that issue of HX.
I remember see the cover guy working at "G" and have a highschool girly fit - lol..

I'm glad he's still there.. I will check him out in a few weeks when Im in NYC again!!

Thanks for the posting! :)

~N~ said...

oops it was 2000 - not 2002.. LOL

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