Thursday, March 08, 2007

JDMA, In Brief(s)

SPOILER ALERT! OK, I know I'm a day behind on "Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" (I save it on DVR to watch with Michael on my days off, Wednesday/Thursday), so let's get going here.

First up, Orange County hotass Dominic Figlio was back for the second casting for AussieBum underwear (really hard to figure out why, huh?). For some reason I remembered him being blonder and European last week, but his hair seemed darker and he's definitely all-American. Naturally, the scary-looking queen from Down Under isn't blind and picked him for the final cut.

Brian Kehoe (aka "Kehoe") is really starting to grow on me. He's not the best-looking guy in the bunch, but there's something really sexy about him. He got picked as did everyone's favorite Superstar in the Making himself, T.J. Wilk.
J.P. Calderon and former "Manhunt" contestant Maurice Townsell and also made the cut. (I love how T.J. is looking at J.P. with this indignant "bitch, are your abs getting more ripped than mine?" look on his face.)
After the field was narrowed down, everyone made it over to Quixote Studios for the AussieBum test shoot when suddenly Mr. AussieBum abruptly shitcanned Janice after hearing some of the catty things she'd said about him behind his back (which happened to be caught on tape by AussieBum's own camera crew). The fur really started flying -- Janice truly looked stunned by the reversal of fortune -- and all the guys were really disappointed to have lost out on the chance for such a huge campaign. Although Janice, as is ususally the case, was mostly to blame for putting the agency in such a precarious position, she did manage to save the day by using the free studio time to take some of the most smokin' pictures I've ever seen of her models, particularly of Dominic and T.J. She then shipped them off to her contact at 2(x)ist -- with whom her agency has worked before -- and the next thing they knew the boys were on their way to Catalina Island for a big ad campaign. Although the show ended right when they got to the island, they were there long enough for these messy fat chicks to show up looking for some action, a moment that has to be seen to be believed. Next week's the finale ... what will I do without my Janice fix?
Lots more photos after the jump. --->
Images via Dreamcaps.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I am finally glad that someone found and posted some pics of that new guy, Dominic! Now I have something more tangible to fantasize about. Also love the blog.